Welcome to G-Hosting!

Gravity Web Solutions Advanced Hosting Solutions


We endevour to provide the highest quality hosting, with zero downtime and courteous, helpful technical support. Our Hosting plans can also easily grow and evolve with your business, often at the click of a button.

Why choose G-Hosting?  



Keeping it Irish!

  • We are 100% Irish owned, and part of a registered business in Ireland. So we support the Irish economy!
  • Being situated in the GMT area means timezone problems are eliminated.
  • Improved search engine results, particularly for country filtered searches or search engines, e.g. www.google.ie
  • Increased speed by having the hosting servers close to your customers.
  • Our servers are situated in an area not prone to flooding or geological issues.




Quality Assured

  • We guarantee a minimum of 99% server up-time.
  • We only use quality brand-name hardware with Intel Processors.
  • We use true co-location servers and backups.
  • Power backup from UPS and diesel generators.
  • We have multiple data connections with redundancy.




Support, Maintenance & Upgrade

  • Our support team are knowledgeable and friendly, with each person having enough knowledge to deal with all questions or issues.
  • Our hosting is configured to be easily upgraded and expanded, with most upgrades being made with just the click of a button.
  • There is little if any maintenance that the customer is required to carry out.




Software & Control Panels

  • As standard we use Linux as the Operating System (Windows is available on request).
  • Each account has access to a cPanel Control Panel, though with our extensive initial set up, you may never need to use it.
  • Our software is regularly updated, with Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam as well a Object Oriented programming languages.